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Is it okay to use your service?

Definitely. Using online marketplaces are becoming more fashionable than ever before, especially as it relieves the pressure put on doctors' surgeries and clinics. It's extremely convenient for patients to utilise an internet drugstore, and as we only stockpile legitimate medicinals, you can be sure that you're obtaining a riskless way of landing your urgent restorative.

Are there limits on the number of things you can acquire?

None at all. However, you shouldn't utilise your solutions too much. Each medicinal contains detailed instructions. Follow this admonishment to prevent overdose.

Do I need a prescription to buy?

No. Unlike offline pharmacies, you don't need to attain prescriptions from your GP beforehand. That means you can browse for any desired item. If you're apprehensive about any particular solution, contact a health-giving professional first for their views.

What medications do you dispense?

The medicaments we confer are over-the-counter which you are able to chase down at a neighbourhood pharmacologist. Our facility proves beneficial for those who lead bustling routines, or are incapable of travelling to an actual stockist. Take a look at our pages to locate which brands we're retailing.

Am I required to register to make a payment?

Not on your first order with us. Once your request is granted, you'll be given login details for your next transactions. If you can't recall your password, enter your email in the associated gap and a new one will be released promptly.

How do I pay for my pills?

When you have chosen your pastilles and placed it in the bag, head to checkout and enter your personal information. Payments are declared using Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Once clarified, you'll be provided with e-payment verification. If you can't find your receipts, probe your SPAM folder. Once confirmed, your products will be transported to your location via express or regular dispatch.

Why has order has been declined?

If we haven't debited you, you should analyse the available balance, asking your bank operator to open an online transaction for that credit card. Try updating your account and getting in touch with us again to finish the sale. Alternately, you can place a new order with a different means.

Do you trade over the telephone?

No. Sadly, our ordering system is only available as a processor for transactions through our cyber shop. This enables us to harbour patient confidentiality. Furthermore, we can also operate a 24 hour service through our site. Also, if you have any queries about our shipments or services, drop us a line.

What should I do if I have a problem with purchasing?

If you have any issues, speak to us immediately so we can effectively resolve the hinderance. Once your instruction has been received, we adhere to deal with it as fast as possible. Once you have paid for your healing aids, you will be in recipience of confirmation. You'll also be notified of its imparting. You can inspect order progress in your account.

Can I procure medicine that's not advertised on your website?

Only the assortment of things displayed are available to invest in. We may distribute new medicines at some point in the future. Keep checking for any updates.